So is it worth it?

Yes! A typical customer can save 50% or more!

What about the hidden costs?

There are no booking or travel agent fees. There is a fee of $25 per night if you cancel within 30 days of a hotel reservation being made. Taxes and incidentals are not included. You are responsible for hotel and car taxes that are due upon check-in/pick-up. These are paid to the hotel and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, not ETourandTravel. A credit card (not debit card) is required for this.

That's it for fees, unless you opt to pick-up the car outside Florida, there is a $99 convenience fee. Naturally if you want a larger room or car you may upgrade at a discounted rate with us. If you want to add rental car protection that can be added at the Enterprise counter.

What is a BOGO?

Some vacation packages include one BOGO (Buy One Give One) gift package. This allows you to give an identical vacation to a friend to be used another time.

BOGO Restrictions:

  1. The BOGO package must be given to a friend or family member other than yourself or any member of your household.
  2. The BOGO package and your package may not travel on concurrent, consecutive or overlapping dates.
  3. If your package is cancelled at any time the BOGO package will also be cancelled.
  4. To qualify, your friend or family member who will receive the BOGO package must be at least 25 years of age and must travel with their spouse if they are married or cohabitating. Your friend or family member who receives the BOGO package must attend a 120 minute resort ownership presentation at all destinations in order to receive the benefits of the BOGO package. Failure to attend the resort presentations at all destinations will result in the forfeiture of the entire BOGO offer and your friend or family member will be responsible for the vacation costs at the prevailing retail rate, if issued. The BOGO courtesy package recipient is responsible for hotel and rental car taxes (if applicable), and all meals and incidentals.

To assign or learn about a BOGO you were given, simply log-in above or call 1-407-515-2400.

Too good to be true?

We know our prices are amazing, but that's thanks to our group buying power and sponsoring resort partners. We have over 1 million customers. We also have contracts with multi-billon dollar companies like Disney™, Universal Orlando™, Enterprise Rent-A-Car™ and many more. You can also visit our FaceBook Fan Page with thousands of fans.

What’s the catch?

All of our special offers are possible due to a 120 minute vacation ownership presentation (one in each city you visit). You have no obligation to purchase anything and you get to keep everything you were offered, even if you don't buy.

How do I view my account & book travel?

You may view and book online OR you may call our reservations department at 1-407-515-2400. We suggest NOT booking airfare until after your hotels rooms are confirmed.

You can log-in above with your 'account number' anytime. It is sent via email within 24 hours. With our paid offers, you will also get a welcome packet in the mail within 5-7 days in the USA (7-10 days in Canada).

You may also call 1-407-515-2400 during office hours.

When should I book?

We encourage booking travel dates at least 30 days in advance. We also suggest booking 90 days in advance for holidays and peak seasons like spring break in Orlando (Valentines Day thru Easter) as well as NASCAR races in Daytona. If we have the availability, we will certainly offer it to you, even with short notice. There are no booking fees. Note: special events in Daytona may require a surcharge.

How long do I have to use my vacation?

You have 12 months to book your Florida vacation from date of purchase. You have 18 months from date of purchase to travel. If you need more time or wish to transfer the vacation there is a small fee, just call us during the first 12 months.

How do I cancel my vacation package?

Every vacation package sold by ETourandTravel comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee good for 30 days from the original date of purchase. To cancel call 407-515-2400 during normal hours. Airfare and cruises are subject to a different cancellation policy.